Selection Policy

  1. Introduction

The Shropshire Satellite and Academy Selection Policy is inclusive of identification and selection across the Academy Performance Programme (Satellite and County Academy) and for nomination to Regional Screenings.

The Selection Policy and Procedure intends to be transparent and accessible.  At all times the policy will be communicated (via the Shropshire County website) and adhered to. This will be referenced in selection materials and bought to the attention of coaches and administrators working with the Shropshire academies as well as junior club coaches.

The Selection Panel responsible for selecting athletes into the Shropshire Academies Programme is to be agreed by the County Performance Group.

  1. Principles of Selection
  • The Selection Policies and Procedures will be equitable. No athlete will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of; social class, colour, race, ethnic origin, creed or disability, or will be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that cannot be shown to be relevant to performance.
  • All selectors will be responsible for declaring any interests at the start of the trials and this will be notified to the lead selector.
  • The Selection Policies and Procedures will be consistent. At all times the provisions of the policy will be applied consistently and rigorously.
  • Selection into the Shropshire Academies Programme shall consist of the number of athletes required by England Netball (20 Academy athletes and 40 Satellite Athletes) and that the selectors deem appropriate.
  • Whilst all efforts will be made to give every athlete equal exposure during selection, positional imbalance may lead to a variance in court time.
  • The selection process is open to any player meeting the nomination requirements outlined in the application information.
  1. The Selection Process

 The Shropshire Performance Group will appoint selectors for trials who will be responsible for the selection of athletes into the Shropshire Academies Programme. Coaches from the Academy and Satellite Academy may also be appointed as selectors. Selectors will have received training in selection.

3.1 Athletes will be identified by the relevant selectors based upon observations of athlete performance throughout the selection session. This includes; warm-up, game sense activities and game play.

3.2 All athletes involved in the selection process will be informed of their individual selection outcome on the day and may ask for feedback from the head selector for their age group/ Academy.

3.3 Notification of the selected athletes will be communicated via the County website.

3.4 After submitting a trial form, any athlete unable to make the first or second trial for valid reasons (injury, commitment to another high profile performance event)  must inform the selections administrator that they are unable to attend and give the reason. Athletes will be given another date to trial where there will be selectors, again nominated by the County Performance Group.

3.5 The Shropshire Performance Group have the right to hold an open trial for new athletes at any point of the season should a need arise.

  1. Grievance and Appeals Process

4.1       There are only two grounds for appeal within the Selection process.  These are;

4.1.1    Selection was not made according to the Selection Policy

  • There was unreasonable bias or conflict of interest in one or more members of the Selection Panel.
  • Any appeal against a selection decision must in the first instance be referred in writing to the Shropshire Performance Group (contact details available on the Shropshire County website). This must be lodged within one week of the selection process. An acknowledgement of the appeal will be sent within one week and a full response given within three weeks. Any appeal against a selection decision that cannot be resolved by communication with the Shropshire Performance Group may be referred to the England Netball Performance Pathway Manager.
  • Any appeal against a selection decision that cannot be resolved by communication with the England Netball Performance Pathway Manager may be referred to the relevant Senior Officer at England Netball.

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