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Extension of Netball Europe officiating awards / roles due to COVID-19

The following has been agreed with Netball Europe for umpires in England:


Written awards C, B and A

  •  Any umpire who already has a written award pass with an expiry date on or after the 16th of March 2020 will have their expiry date extended by 22 calendar months, pending review. For example, if your expiry date was originally April 30th, 2020 this will now be extended to February 28th, 2022.
  • Any umpire who successfully gains their written award pass after the 16th of March 2020 and before 1st September 2021 will have their award expiry date extended by 22 calendar months, pending review.

Attended a C or B course and not already applied for written assessment

The NE umpiring pathway states that an umpire must attend a C or B award course prior to applying for a written assessment.

  • Umpires have 2 years from the date that they attended a course (either C or B award) in which to take their written assessment. This is being extended by 22 months, pending review, from the date of expiry.


Application for C, B and A practical assessment

All applications for practical assessments that have already been submitted to a country organiser will remain valid. When normal competition recommences on the 1st of September 2021, organisers will be required to arrange the assessment within the following timeframes:

  • C award – 6 months (currently 3 months)
  • B award – 8 months (currently 4 months)
  • A award – 12 months (currently 6 months)

These timeframes have been extended to allow the candidates sufficient time to undertake relevant match umpiring in preparation for their practical assessment and to allow organisers sufficient time for the organisation of the assessment.


Application for Netball Europe A/B Written Assessment

Netball Europe will restart the B/A written assessments commencing Saturday 3rd July 2021 (the paper will be based on the INF rules of Netball). Please note that this date is a one-off to allow more time for lockdown restrictions to be lifted, hopefully allowing invigilators and candidates to meet. From there on the normal written assessment cycle will resume.

Assessments on the Modified Game

Please note that Netball Europe has advised that it is not possible to assess learners for their C, B and A Award pre or final practical assessments on the modified game. Whilst the two formats do not vary a great deal both NE and EN agreed that the impact on learners and the requirement for alternate focus is likely to impact on the umpire and their ability to meet the standards set out in the Netball Europe umpire assessment competencies. With this in mind and the extensions given by Netball Europe, learners are advised to use the extensions open to them and refocus on completing their officiating pathway once the modified game is removed on 21st June 2021.

Please note that for the same reasons outlined above and for purposes of maintaining consistency, assessments for the Into Officiating Award will not be permitted on the modified game.


Shropshire County Netball Association (SCNA) helps to promote and improve umpiring within the West Midlands Netball Region. We give all our umpires a pathway for development and umpiring opportunities for those who want to progress.  Umpiring opportunities are offered at various levels, depending on experience and qualifications, including local leagues within the county, summer leagues, Academy trials and training sessions and the West Midlands Regional leagues at Adult, U19, U16 and U14 age groups.

To start your umpiring journey, please take a look at the officiating pathways below, from a beginner to a more experienced official.


Details of England Netball Officiating Pathway
Click Here to view the Basic Officiating Pathway


Technical Officiating Pathway
Click Here to view the Technical Officiating Pathway

Into Officiating Pathway
Click Here to view the Into Officiating Pathway


C Award Pathway
Click Here to view the C Award Pathway


B Award Detailed Pathway
Click Here to view the B Award Officiating Pathway

For more information on any of the above, please contact Sue Richards, Shropshire’s County Officiating Lead (COL)

More information can be found on the England Netball website.