Level 2 Coaching

Level 2 Coaching Course

Commencing 10th March 2022


Walking Netball Host Training

Walking Netball Host Training

A workshop to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to get involved and host a Walking Netball Session. a mixture of theory and practical sessions.

TWO DATES available

9th January 2022

19th February 2022

Blended Netball

Some of you may have seen the launch last October where schools could sign up and have access to free resources and get involved in this exciting programme.  If you haven’t it is not too late, as we are making plans to get Blended Netball happening in September and encouraging all secondary schools to sign up, before the end of term so Blended Netball is ready to go come September.


The programme is specifically for secondary schools, it is a peer to peer programme ​designed for mainstream girls to deliver netball to girls with special educational needs within their schools.

Designed to develop life/interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication and empathy, in line with other leadership programmes such as Duke of Edinburgh, it will provide netball for pupils who may not otherwise be involved in the sport. Sessions are completely pupil-led meaning there's a real hands-off approach.


You can watch our webinar HERE or go straight ahead and register HERE.