Academy Trials – Part 1

Part 1 – Please read fully

Shropshire Satellite and Academy


ACADEMY DATES 2019-2020 
8th & 29th September | 13th & 27th October | 10th & 24th Nov | 8th Dec | 5th & 26th Jan | 9th & 23rd Feb | 8th & 22nd Mar | 5th & 19th Apr | 3rd & 10 May

Trial information for players, coaches, teachers, parents

The trial process

Applications The application for all players wishing to trial for a place in the U13 Satellite Academies or U15 County Academy will be via the on-line system. This includes existing satellite and academy players and players who have not previously been part of the Satellite or Academy programme.

Trials All Nominated players will be expected to attend the first trial. Players will be observed by selectors in warm-up activities, small-sided games and netball matches. Players will be notified of the outcome of the trials via email, this will be either; invited to second trial or not yet showing the readiness factors of Satellite or Academy.

What selectors are looking for:

Satellite trialists; Good basic agility, balance and coordination, basic ball handling skills, a range of movement skills, high levels of effort and a positive attitude. Showing an ability to work with others as part of a team, make game based decisions and beginning to show game sense – making decisions to be effective in attack and defence.


Academy trialists: Good agility balance and coordination and athletic ability showing some levels of intensity during match play. Individual netball skills of throwing/catching/attacking and defending are developing. Ability to work with others to begin making unit based game decisions. Positive attitude and high work rate.

The format of the trials

Athletes will be required to register and secure a trial number to their skirt/shorts for identification by selectors. All players are identified through the trial process by number only. Make sure that time is allowed for the registration process and preparing to take part (hair organisation, shoe changes, jewellery removed etc).

All trialists will be allocated to a squad at registration and they will warm-up and take part in small sided games within their squad. Athletes will be given basic information and time to think and talk to squad members about how to work together in the game and how to approach the game eg. choosing to defend player to player or defending an area, deciding to work in pairs or small groups or as individuals etc

Following the warm-up and small sided games squads will then play in full matches of approximately 10mins in length.

How to prepare for trials

Make sure you come to trials prepared with appropriate kit, snacks and hydration. You should have playing kit; shorts/skirt and short sleeved top. Ideally these will be a plain top and bottoms and not your club’s match kit. You may be outside and we would recommend that you bring a warm top and long bottoms to wear to the trials and that can be put on during periods you are not playing.

Be prepared to work with other athletes that you don’t know and at times you will be required to play a position that is not your first or second choice. Selectors will know this.


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