Harper Adams league is has now completed its 9th Season(2017/2018) and can take up to 10 teams for the new season. The league was conceived to allow Harper Students that were not in the 1st or 2nd teams to play competitive netball. Ideal for young & new teams wanting to gain experience playing competitive netball. Last season Harper had 5 competitive teams- 2 playing in the BUCS(British University Sports League & Lilleshall League) and a further 3 competing in the Harper League.

Execs 2017

Chairwoman – Ellie Brook – 16107100@live.harper.ac.uk

Secretary – Lizzie Bradley – 16060200@live.harper.ac.uk

Treasurer – Elly Pearson – 16152200@live.harper.ac.uk

1st team captain – Chloe Evans 16047600@live.harper.ac.uk

2nd team captain – Beth Rogers – 16210500@live.harper.ac.uk

TNL – Amanda Watson – 16100700@live.harper.ac.uk

Social secs – Annabelle Wilburn – 16158600@live.harper.ac.uk

Season for the Tuesday Night League will Commence on 10th Oct 2017


Jammy Dodgers


Resource Bank Ravens

Newport Panthers

Newport Ninjas

Newport 6th Form

Adams Grammar 6th Form

Harper Returners

Harper Freshers

Harper 3rd team