Important Information about the Shropshire County Netball Academies 2021.

Dear Parent,

Firstly, on behalf of Shropshire Netball can I wish you all a Happy New Year.

We have continued to work behind the scenes to organise the Academy Sessions for 2021.  As you are aware from previous correspondence [email dated 12th Dec 2020 – a few of you are yet to respond] that the 1stPlanned session was due to be held on the 10th January 2021.   

We have recently had a meeting and with the continued tighter restrictions imposed by the government we feel that continuing with this session would be unwise.  There is a lot of pressure on our Countries services at the moment and to hold what would potentially be a gathering of individuals from across a Tier 3 area would only add to the situation.

There are also several Academy Players that reside in Tier 4 areas who would not be able to attend.

We are delaying the start until more information and guidance is available from the Government & our National Governing body – England Netball.  

We have in the meantime requested that the County Coaches organise online Zoom Sessions for the Athletes to join in with.  We have also set up a Private Group on Facebook and these sessions will be recorded and be available for the Athletes to view.

The first sessions will allow the coaches to introduce themselves and go through what the academy is all about.

Zoom meeting details have been sent to parents 

Link to FB group