West Mids Regional U14/U16 Fixtures


Season 2018
Arena 3 Arena 2
07-Jan-18 9.00 Lyndon Centre v Staffordshire 3 Birmingham City v Warwickshire 3
10.15 Yendys Mercury v Ryland Barr Beacon Lasers v Alfabets
11.30 Ryland v Fenton Manor Saracens v Newcastle Town
12.45 Tibberton Thunder v Yendys Venus Leamington v Worcestershire 3
14.00 Parkside v Westside Recycles v Barr Beacon Rockets
15.15 Wenlock v Newcastle Town Tibberton Titans v Fenton Manor
Finish at 4.30pm
14-Jan-18 9.00 Fenton Manor v Leamington Ryland v Parkside
10.15 Barr Beacon Rockets v Saracens Yendys Venus v Ryland
11.30 Alfabets v Foxes Newcastle Town v Lyndon Centre
12.45 Warwickshire 3 v Elmdon Fenton Manor v Parkside
14.00 Worcestershire 3 v Barr Beacon Lasers Staffordshire 3 v Yendys Mercury
15.15 Newcastle Town v Birmingham City Westside v Henley
Finish at 4.30pm
21-Jan-18 9.00 Fenton Manor v Westside Foxes v Worcestershire 3
10.15 Newcastle Town v Parkside Recycles v Warwickshire 3
11.30 Henley v Tibberton Thunder Barr Beacon Lasers v Fenton Manor
12.45 Parkside v Ryland Elmdon v Newcastle Town
14.00 Staffordshire 3 v Wenlock Tibberton Titans v Alfabets
15.15 Ryland v Lyndon Centre Birmingham City v Barr Beacon Rockets
Finish at 4.30pm
04-Feb-18 9.00 Fenton Manor v Foxes Parkside Staffordshire 3
10.15 Newcastle Town v Warwickshire 3 Westside v Ryland
11.30 Alfabets v Leamington Fenton Manor v Tibberton Thunder
12.45 Birmingham City v Saracens Yendys Mercury Newcastle Town
14.00 Worcestershire 3 v Tibberton Titans Wenlock Ryland
15.15 Elmdon v Recycles Yendys Venus v Henley
Finish at 4.30pm
11-Feb-18 9.00 Henley v Fenton Manor Barr Beacon Rockets v Elmdon
10.15 Staffordshire 3 v Ryland Foxes v Tibberton Titans
11.30 Parkside v Yendys Venus Warwickshire 3 v Saracens
12.45 Yendys Mercury v Lyndon Centre Barr Beacon Lasers v Leamington
14.00 Tibberton Thunder v Westside Newcastle Town v Recycles
15.15 Parkside v Wenlock Worcestershire 3 v Alfabets
Finish at 4.30pm
04-Mar-18 9.00 Tibberton Titans v Barr Beacon Lasers Wenlock v Yendys Mercury
10.15 Recycles v Birmingham City Westside Yendys Venus
11.30 Alfabets v Fenton Manor Ryland v Newcastle Town
12.45 Warwickshire 3 v Barr Beacon Rockets Tibberton Thunder Parkside
14.00 Leamington v Foxes Lyndon Centre v Parkside
15.15 Saracens v Elmdon Ryland Henley
Finish at 4.30pm
11-Mar-18 9.00 Henley v Parkside Elmdon v Birmingham City 9.00
10.15 Parkside v Yendys Mercury Foxes v Barr Beacon Lasers 10.10
11.30 Ryland v Tibberton Thunder Saracens v Recycles 11.20
12.45 Lyndon Centre v Wenlock Fenton Manor v Worcestershire 3 12.30
14.00 Yendys Venus v Fenton Manor Barr Beacon Rockets v Newcastle Town 13.40
15.15 Newcastle Town v Staffordshire 3 Leamington v Tibberton Titans 14.50
Finish at 4.30pm
Arena 3 Arena 2 Arena 1
18-Mar-18 9.00 A1 v B2 A2 v B1 A7 v B7
10.15 C1 v D2 C2 v D1 C7 v D7
11.30 C6 v D6 C5 v D5 A6 v B6
12.45 A5 v B5 A4 v B4 C4 v D4
14.00 A3 v B3 Lsg A1B2 v A2B1 C3 v D3
15.15 U14 Final U16 Final Lsg C1D2 v C2D2
Presentation at 4.20pm
Finish at 4.30pm

West Mids Regional U16/U14 League Line-up

Group A Group B
1 Foxes 11 Parkside
2 Barr Beacon Lasers 12 Yendys Mercury
3 Leamington 13 Lyndon Centre
4 Tiberton Titans 14 Wenlock
5 Fenton Manor 15 Newcastle Town
6 Worcestershire 3 16 Staffordshire 3
7 Alfabets 17 Ryland
Group C Group D
21 Henley 31 Elmdon
22 Parkside 32 Birmingham City
23 Ryland 33 Saracens
24 Tibberton Thunder 34 Recycles
25 Yendys Venus 35 Barr Beacon Rockets
26 Fenton Manor 36 Newcastle Town
27 Westside 37 Warwickshire 3

Shropshire Umpire Mentors

Over the past 2 years the County have been developing an Umpire Mentoring Scheme.  We now have 3 Qualified Mentors who have undergone specialist training and who will be allocated to mentor individuals who are in the County mentoring system and who are working towards gaining their qualification. 

Our 3 Shropshire Umpire Mentors are :

  • Sarah Morris
  • Tracey Bugiel
  • Esther Whitten

Well done to you all and now we start the process of getting our trainee umpires qualified